Side Dish: Have you heard of WeBlog MCR?


Being a blogger in Manchester can sometimes be lonely  – especially when you’ve got to run blogging alongside the day job. It is safe to say sometimes everything can all get a bit much. That’s why over at G&T headquarters we were thrilled when WeBlog MCR came along.

A creative collective of bloggers and vloggers in Manchester from all walks of life, WeBlog MCR holds host to a bunch of exciting creative people with interests in various different fields. However there’s one thing that brings us together; a want to be better at what we do and learn from each other.

*Photo taken at the last WeBlog MCR workshop ‘How to Master Your DSLR – with me, Georgie Glass

Set up in 2016 by lifestyle blogger Holly Goes Lightly (pictured far left), who felt that the North was missing a collective of bloggers who could work together to put Manchester on the map. Knowing she mustn’t be the only one craving a network like bloggers have in London, surely there was something she could do to bring us all together in harmony? With help from the likes of Manchester renowned bloggers like SpamellaB, The Greedy Sisters and many more Holly set out to make history.

Now the group grows from strength to strength; alongside a Facebook group where we can share ideas and bond over blogging-mishaps, the collective hosts many exciting events like ‘Beginner Blogger’ seminars and ‘Mastering Your DSLR – Blogger Photography’ workshops with our own Georgie Glass (that’s me!) the aim is to bring us bloggers together in the North West to learn from each others strengths and educate us in this big wide world of blogging… and trust me, we’re still trying to figure it all out.

FullSizeRender 3
*Pretending I’m knowing what I’m talking about at my last workshop…

With that in mind, this week WeBlog MCR holds host to a new series of new workshops – ‘The Sessions’. This is a bloggers’ networking event, with a difference. A place for bloggers, social influencers and small business owners to come and get their creative juices flowing and meet other likeminded people. There will be 3 sessions in total – each focusing on something different, but designed to be useful for all. First to be hosted by Self Care & Lifestyle Blogger Kat Horrocks on how to ‘Determine Your Goals’ – you can view a little bit more about these events here.

WeBlog MCR played an important role in the establishment of Ginseng & Thyme. The bloggers that I met through the collective inspired me to go out and meet Kate, and take photography and writing to the next level. I’m so proud to say we’re a part of this collective of inspiring people, and I think I speak for the both of us when I say I’m excited to see where WeBlog MCR goes in the future; we’re definitely sticking along for the ride.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Thanks for reading my writing debut,

Georgie x

(You know, the G part)


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One thought on “Side Dish: Have you heard of WeBlog MCR?

  1. What an absolutely brilliant idea WeBlog MCR is, love this collaborative approach, look forward to seeing more from you all.


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