Side Dish: ‘YES CHEF!’

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I’ve cooked plenty of dinner parties in my time, and it won’t come as a surprise to readers to know that I bloody love it. It’s my crack cocaine, the thing that makes everything else make sense, the thing that makes me realise that I’m actually good at something. Ive been helping my mother cook extravagant parties since I was old enough to touch the oven, probably a little younger than what is considered the norm, but I am still here to tell the tale, complete with ten fingers and minimal scars.

But, this is the year where everything changed. Whether the blog is responsible, or perhaps my leap into adulthood, I cannot say, but I’ve been promoted. I am no longer sous chef, in my mother/daughter cooking dynamic, and my first test was a catering job my parents work department party. The task was to feed sixty hungry medics under the theme ‘before Trump builds the wall’, my mother was never one to think inside the box. I interpreted that as a Mexican fiesta and went down that… safer route.

No pressure then. So, what was on the menu?

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Chilli Con Carne, Ancho chilli marinated pulled pork, green chicken stew with sunflower seeds, rice Salsa bar (made up of heritage tomato salsa, hot chopped salsa, salsa verde, guacamole, and sour cream) and chilli chocolate rocky road, dark chocolate pecan pie, and key lime pie with fresh cream.

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I have NEVER cooked for anywhere near that many people before, but it was so successful and people really seemed to enjoy the food. Let’s just say my slightly fragile ego was well fed too. Granted, it was utterly exhausting, no person should have to cook for fourteen hours solid with only a short break to throw some perfume on their pork infused skin, but on the whole it was fantastic fun. I would certainly take on the challenge again and maybe with a little assistance, perhaps I could tackle even more covers… Georgie, get your apron on!

With that in mind…Does anyone want to make a booking?

I should be so lucky.

Kate x

•NB if any of the recipes in this post tickle your fancy then please let us know in the comments below, and we’ll do a ‘Mexican Fiesta’ themed post!


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