Side Dish: Zara Home Haul

Side Dish_Zara Haul 1

What drove us to go to the Trafford Centre on one of the hottest days of the year? Trawling round the boiling alleyways, avoiding the ice cream carts and dodging through troops of young girls in matching  skinny jeans and bomber jackets. There was one thing that convinced us into sticking it out and going the long sopping-haul, and her name was Zara; Zara Home to be precise.

There’s something about that inviting white decor and welcoming aroma which suggests ‘come in, we won’t bite’ (‘but we might make a severe indentation in your wallet…’) so when better to visit the holy gospel of homeware then when those big red letters are in the window…

Get us a basket, we’re sold.

Side Dish_Zara Haul 7

Shopping sales is always a tricky one, it can go one of two ways; either you can have a really successful trip and be pleasantly surprised by your bargains. Or it can be the most treacherous shop of your life and even if you leave with a few finds you feel like you’ve left a piece of your soul in-store. Zara Home sales can be extremely daunting on first glance, but after a few deep breathes and channeling our inner Zen master, we managed to get ‘in the zone’.

Side Dish_Zara Haul 2

The five pieces we left with made our search totally worth it; our best sale purchase has to be awarded to the rose gold salad servers (how basic are these? G was extremely excited when we picked up these bad boys…) Originally priced at £40, they were reduced down to £9.99 making them an appealing 75% off, not easy to find such a stellar discount in stores these days. Without a blink of an eye they were the first item to go in the basket.

Side Dish_Zara Haul 6

Next the giant illustrated urn was reduced down to £19.99, still slightly pricier than some sale items but totally worth the investment as they come in handy for trendy centre pieces at dinner parties. Either conventionally fill with flowers, or get slightly hipster with it and stuff with some battery powered fairy lights. Trust us, your guests will be impressed.

Side Dish_Zara Haul 3

Our final sale item was the adorable floral iron mug, priced at an easy £4.99. Purchasing a mishmash of these and serving them to your guests as a starter course for soup or Vietnamese ‘Pho’ would be a really quirky idea to bring something different to a dinner table.

Side Dish_Zara Haul 4

Our best piece of advise for any shopping trip would be, don’t be sucked into the blackhole of a sale. It really isn’t worth buying that 12 tea-light set if you really don’t think you’ll have any use for it… instead invest in something you really want. We did that exact thing with our next two items. First off the floral grey and white candle had us at hello; proving slightly steep for a candle priced at £15.99, it’s worth every penny when you think of the enjoyment you’ll get burning it at the end of a meal.

Side Dish_Zara Haul 5

Finally, our last item is the glorious silver embossed tray at £29.99. The highest ranked item in our inventory but it’ll serve many a purpose. Use it at dinner parties to bring out the after dinner coffee (see our post from a few weeks ago for inspo…) or simply use it in the kitchen as decoration propped up behind the teapot, its uses could really be endless and truly is an investment piece.

Overall our Zara Home haul came in at a reasonable £80.95 for all five items, and if you’re asking us we don’t think it can get much better than that. Unless you wanted to start bargaining with the cashier, but we wouldn’t recommend it…

Don’t mind us, we’re just over here in the corner hoarding all our homeware.

See you on Thursday,


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