Side Dish: Behind G&T

When we first started on our blogging adventure, it is safe to say that we were both quite happy to sit behind the camera and let the food speak for itself. But times have changed. In recent weeks, we have plucked up enough courage to emerge from the ether and show our faces, and we are ecstatic to treat our readers with a little more video content to illuminate the world behind the camera. Not only are we closer as friends, we are more confident in our project, and feel it is time to let our dear readers know a little bit more about the girls behind G&T.


Georgie is 25 and a professional food photographer and has known her passions have lay with food from a young age. Kate is 22 and well, she isn’t quite sure what she is sometimes, but she fills her days at her job in marketing. Her real passion lies in the kitchen. We met at work at a company where Kate works full time and Georgie two days a week. We instantly hit it off over shared interests of food (and dogs, but the dog-blog is on the back burner for a little while…) We work together frequently on the day-job, which is always bags of fun, mostly because we spend the majority of that time discussing exciting new plans and ideas for the blog.

We decided to start blogging together at the end of 2016 after Georgie proposed the idea to Kate and she jumped at the chance. It was a no brainer. We seemed to make up where the other lacked in the food-image-word love triangle. Our little duo made up the perfect, entirely in-house team of everything we could possibly ever want, and all we needed was the name. We don’t know if you’ve worked it out by now, but the name G&T stemmed from our last initials (and accidentally, our mutual favourite drink.) To be totally frank, the choice of botanicals was totally random but we both agreed it sounded lovely. Luckily the names compliment each other both in theory and in practice.

We both like to treat the blog like a job. However, that does get a little taxing sometimes when we are colleagues on two separate jobs. Our solution? Frequent ‘friend dates’ where even the mention of any sort of G&T that doesn’t come in a glass is punishable by a scowl and the next round is on you. This allows us to just go back to basics and just be mates like we were in the beginning, and trust us, it’s seemed to work thus far.

After a lot of thought and discussion, G&T has made the decision to reduce our workload on the blog. We want to keep bringing you high-quality content each week, but we don’t want our relationship to suffer. Working on a creative project such as this alongside full-time jobs, family, partners and our personal friendship can be a little taxing at times at its current rate.

We’ve decided to reduce the ‘Main’ posts to bi-weekly and fill in the gaps with ‘Side Dish’ – because we wouldn’t want you to go hungry. We love Ginseng & Thyme, but the most important thing we have learned thus far, is the importance of our friendship and without that, the rest would crumble like a week-old scone.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

We hope you missed us and we are glad to be back.

See you on Thursday,


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Hello! We are Ginseng & Thyme, two friends and work colleagues from Manchester with a passionate affinity for food, drink and lifestyle. Here’s our food story, what’s yours? Twitter: @ginsengandthyme Instagram: @ginsengandthyme

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