Side Dish: Ten things we love about autumn​

G&T 10 Things... 4

It seems pretty obvious when looking at our previous posts from this month to that we both love autumn. Our social media feeds have been swimming in copper tones, and the cosy jumpers have been on for four weeks straight, whatever the weather. It is a beautiful time to be alive, and if you need reminding why, read on.


There was no better joy when we were under the age of 10 than to be given a sparkler to swish in the dark. It was like holding an actual magic wand, and for that moment you felt on top of the world. To be honest, we haven’t really grown out of that. Sparklers still make us smile, and we expect they always will.

G&T 10 Things... 2

Bonfire Smell

Now, this isn’t just referring to the scent of a crackling fire, we’re talking about the entire nasal experience. The burning wood, the firework residue, the smell of hot dogs or Chilli con Carne cooking, ginger cake and the sweet tang of toffee apples. Glorious.


We don’t think we could stress this enough over the last few weeks. Not only are members of the squash family ADORABLE, but they are also pretty tasty too. Cut them, carve them, make them in the candle holders. Throw them into your soup pot, in the oven with a roast or as a healthy potato replacement. Gourds are diverse vegetables with a distinct, sweet flavour and are the ultimate symbol of the autumnal season.

Hot Chocolate

If there were a time to justify 500 calories in a single cup of liquid, it would be the present. Nothing can warm the very depths of the iciest of hearts more than a cup of cocoa. And anyway, you burn off more calories when it’s cold outside. That’s a fact.

Crunchy Autumn Leaves

There is nothing prettier than amber leaves fluttering to the floor from the changing trees. What’s even better is the hordes of the things littering the ground and the satisfying crunch they provide when trodden on. Although we must admit, this experience is rare in Manchester. It’s more autumn sludge, but at least we’re imaginative.

G&T 10 Things... 1

Snuggly Scarves

As soon as 1st September hits it is time to whip out the unnecessarily enormous scarf.  It has so many uses from completing your outfit to stopping you from dying from hypothermia when you were overruled on the temperature of the office. It’s a win-win.


Whether you’re into slasher flicks, dressing up or just copious amounts of trick or treat sweets, Halloween is the best time of year. As far as we are concerned, it’s better than Christmas. You can’t wear black contacts and insist on watching Pyscho on Christmas day without your family wanting to section you.

Steaming bowls of soup

Winter cold season is here, but we have the antidote! There really isn’t anything out there that can clear the sinuses and warm the soul better than a steaming bowl of soup and some crusty bread and butter.

Frosty Walks

We are both dog owners so whether you like it or not you have to get out in the among nature from time to time in the freezing cold. Although it might be the last place you want to be for the first five minutes, once you look at the utter joy on your doggo’s face and the beautiful vista around you, then we do ensure you that a brisk autumnal walk will do you a world of good.

Staying In

Pop some popcorn in the microwave, stick a movie on and cosy up on the sofa with your favourites (both two and four-legged). Sometimes these blissful moments are needed more than anything, and autumn gives us one hell of an excuse to do it.

G&T 10 Things... 3

See you next Thursday,


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